What is a Prepared4ALL Trainee?

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Prepared4ALL Trainees gain real-world experience as they work to develop relationships between disability organizations and local emergency preparedness entities. Prepared4ALL Trainees support local disability organizations, conduct research responsive to community needs, and build leadership skills. The Prepared4ALL Traineeship is open to any AUCD trainee or interested student. Prepared4ALL Trainees often complete an internship or capstone project as part of their role.

Prepared4ALL Trainees play an essential role in making sure that disability inclusion is always at the emergency preparedness planning table. Learn more about Prepared4ALL and how trainees can get involved below.

Please visit our Dropbox space for more information and resources about becoming a Prepared4ALL Trainee as part of your internship or capstone project.

NEW! The Prepared4ALL Trainee Toolkit offers guidance and direction as you take the online training and become a Prepared4ALL Trainee.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

I’m an AUCD network trainee. How can I be involved in Prepared4ALL?  

Network trainees may take on the role of Prepared4ALL Trainee to their local Prepared4ALL Action Team or similar group. Trainees provide support at a local or state level through coaching, resources and referrals, and other hands-on projects. Trainees may participate in a Prepared4ALL internship or capstone, supported by staff experienced in disability inclusion, emergency planning, and trainee supervision.

January 29th Trainee Townhall
April 16th Trainee Townhall

To learn more or to join the Prepared4ALL initiative, please email Prepared4All@aucd.org or fill out our interest form and let us know how you’d like to get involved: https://tinyurl.com/Prepared4ALL-Interest    

What does a Prepared4ALL Trainee do, and how is it different from what Prepared4ALL Affiliates do?

Prepared4ALL Affiliates:  

  • Increase emergency preparedness knowledge & self-efficacy​
  • Identify and connect with local emergency preparedness efforts​
  • Build partnerships with emergency preparedness personnel​
  • Receive ongoing support from our team​

Prepared4ALL Trainees: ​

  • Provide affiliates with technical assistance, resources and referrals​
  • Assist affiliates in connecting with local preparedness entities ​
  • Support affiliates as they encounter obstacles and  breakthroughs ​
  • Serve as a conduit between Prepared4ALL staff and affiliates ​
  • Facilitate local action research project (internship/capstone) ​

How is Prepared4ALL funded?   

Prepared4ALL is a one-year, CDC-funded project that aligns with CDC’s public health jurisdiction on planning and preparedness. AUCD advises on disability inclusion and coordinates with sister grantees, NACCHO and ASTHO, to ensure that a disability perspective is included in their efforts and so that there is no duplication of efforts.  

Do Prepared4ALL Trainees receive a stipend?  

Prepared4ALL engages local organizations and AUCD trainees that see this work as connected to efforts that they are already compensated to do. We do not provide additional funding.  AUCD understands  that organizations may not be able to weave this work into existing efforts, so the Prepared4ALL online training and Public Health is for Everyone online toolkit are freely available to all.

How can I learn more about becoming a Prepared4ALL Trainee?  
To learn more or to join the Prepared4ALL initiative, please email Prepared4All@aucd.org or fill out our interest form and let us know how you’d like to get involved: https://tinyurl.com/Prepared4ALL-Interest    

Download our Action Research Menu and our informational Powerpoint.

Do you have more questions? Contact Prepared4ALL staff: ​




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