Prepared4ALL: Whole Community Inclusive Emergency Planning

Our online training course titled, “Prepared4ALL: Whole Community Inclusive Emergency Planning” is now LIVE!

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You can choose to take one of our short courses or take the whole 8-lesson course. Select the course you want to take and you will be asked to register. The registration page will appear as a “checkout” page and will ask for “billing details” but no billing information is actually required. All of our courses are free! The registration information will only be used to create a user account and password. Once you fill in your information, you can then access the course on your account dashboard.

Course Preview

This course will increase your knowledge about whole community emergency planning, including COVID-19 planning, as well as provide basic information needed to connect with your own local emergency planners, public health professionals, and community. Learning Agendas help to build on the concepts and skills to deepen your impact on your own communities. Each lesson has a short preview to get an idea of what you’ll be learning.

Lesson 1: Welcome to Disasterville: The Prepared4ALL Process and COVID-19 Testing

Lesson 1 Learning Agenda

Lesson 1 Preview

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Lesson 2: The Prepared4ALL Process in Action

Lesson 2 Learning Agenda

Lesson 2 Preview

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Lesson 3: The Effects of Disasters and COVID-19 on People with Disabilities

Lesson 3 Learning Agenda

Lesson 3 Preview

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Lesson 4: The American Emergency Planning System & Taking Action

Lesson 4 Learning Agenda

Lesson 4 Preview

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Lesson 5: Disability Demographics, Community Living, Communication and Accessible Meetings
Lesson 6: Americans with Disabilities Act Rights in Emergencies and Pandemics

Lesson 6 Learning Agenda

Lesson 6 Preview

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Lesson 7: Whole Community Emergency Planning

Lesson 7 Learning Agenda

Lesson 7 Preview

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Lesson 8: The Active Planning Process and How to Hold Community Stakeholder Meetings




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