National Technical Assistance and Training Center on Disability Inclusion in Emergency Preparedness

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The Friends and Family Campaign is now LIVE!!!

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The Prepared4ALL initiative is offered by AUCD’s new Technical Assistance and Training Center and aims to mobilize disability organizations and their networks to foster connections with emergency and public health professionals to build trust, create sustainable relationships, and get a seat at the emergency planning table

The COVID-19 outbreak impacts all communities across the US – including the over 61 million Americans who have disabilities. Approximately 1 in 4 Americans have a disability, yet state and local preparedness planning, mitigation and recovery efforts do not consistently include them. The Prepared4All Initiative aims to address these gaps in emergency planning in three main ways:

  • Prepared4All Town Halls link disability organizations with emergency management agencies and public health organizations on a local level. Join local chapters and affiliates of disability organizations and local public health planners and emergency managers and we make connections and problem-solve. Join our monthly Townhalls the third Wednesday of every month!
  • NEW! “Prepared4ALL: Whole Community Inclusive Emergency Planning”, offers an approach for building relationships between local disability organizations and public health planners and emergency managers, while learning about disability inclusion and the emergency management system. Learn more!
  • Prepared4ALL Trainees help form local networks between local disability organizations in the community, local emergency management, public health, and health providers. Trainees may use the Prepared4ALL initiative to complete a practicum capstone Prepared4ALL experience.

Ready-to-Use Outreach Materials

The following resources are created to support those who are ready to increase disability inclusion in their local emergency preparedness efforts. These resources are free and downloadable.

Additional Prepared4ALL Resources

Thank you to our Community of Partners who have supported the Prepared4ALL efforts!




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