Developmental Monitoring and Screening

We work to increase awareness of monitoring developmental milestones. Developmental monitoring and screening identifies early signs of developmental disabilities and delays that may be related to factors like genetics or exposures like Zika, alcohol, or opioids.

Act Early Network

Act Early Network: Collaborative initiative that supports state and territory efforts to improve early identification of autism and other developmental disabilities. Subscribe to the quarterly newsletter to stay up-to-date!
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Act Early/COVID-19 Response Teams

State and Territorial Act Early/COVID-19 Response Teams have recently been awarded a one-year grant opportunity for Support for Early Childhood State Systems Through the Act Early Network. This nationwide initiative has funded 43 Teams and is focused on support for early childhood state systems through the Act Early Network to support recovery and strengthen resilience skills, behaviors, and resources of children, families, and communities. This support opportunity is expected to bolster and evaluate the integration of parent-engaged developmental monitoring using “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” (LTSAE) in at least one high-reach statewide program serving families with young children (birth to age 5), as well as advance the promotion and distribution of relevant, existing tools, materials, and programs to improve resiliency among families with young children during COVID-19 response and mitigation efforts.

Act Early Ambassadors Project

Act Early Ambassadors Project: State and territory community change agents serve as liaisons to the “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” Program. Learn More >

Early Childhood Special Interest Group

Early Childhood Special Interest Group: Discussion group for AUCD Network members on critical issues related to early childhood. Learn More >

Autism Special Interest Group

Autism Special Interest Group: Discussion group for AUCD Network members on critical issues related to Autism. Learn More >

Community of Practice on Parenting, Behavioral Concerns & Strategy:  Seeking Innovations Together

Three states (Alaska, Connecticut, and Kentucky) are collaborating with AUCD and CDC to develop and implement innovative strategies to connect the current evidence base across systems that serve young children and parents. These states were selected through a competitive application process and receive a stipend through the AUCD-CDC cooperative agreement.