Our Focus Areas

We build capacity by encouraging collaboration between public health partners and AUCD’s Network Centers in every state and territory. We work together with our partners to address health disparities for people who have a disability.

We’re currently focusing on Access to Healthcare, Developmental Monitoring and Screening, Emergency Preparedness, Nutrition and Healthy Weight, Sexual and Reproductive Health, and Wellness and Mental Health.

Access to Healthcare

AUCD and its national network strives to support the critical role that healthcare providers play in serving everyone in the community – including people who have a disability 

Health is for Everyone

Health is for Everyone: Action Team (HEAT): Collaboration of several organizations led by AUCD to include developmental disabilities in medical education at all levels of undergraduate, graduate, and continuing medical education of physicians. HEAT achieved successful adoption of the American Medical Association (AMA) resolution on including Developmental Disabilities (see pg 40 of 67, or pg 390 paginated, of the AMA HOD Official A-17 Proceedings Report); however, continued momentum is needed to implement specific required competencies for physicians on developmental disabilities. Learn more, review HEAT’s sign on letter, and check out the updated health care access resources in the Public Health is for Everyone toolkit. Continue Reading…

Health and Disability Special Interest Group

Health and Disability Special Interest Group: Connects members of the AUCD network who have an interest in health promotion and healthcare transition. Continue Reading…

Developmental Monitoring and Screening

We work to increase awareness of monitoring developmental milestones. Developmental monitoring and screening identifies early signs of developmental disabilities and delays that may be related to factors like genetics or exposures like Zika, alcohol, or opioids.

Happy disabled man sitting in a wheelchair in the domestic kitchen, his wife embracing him.

Sexual and Reproductive Health

We provide resources on a wide range of topics including dating, healthy relationships, sexual orientation, and sexual health for individuals with disabilities, parents, guardians, family members, professionals, and educators.

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