Supporting Data and National Center Approach

Supporting Data and National Center Approach

Disability Impacts All of Us  – Infographics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describing how disability has effect people.

Disability Prevalence Data – Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report on the prevalence of disabilities and health care access by disability status and type among adults in the United States.

National Information and Reporting System (NIRS) NIRS is the national, web-based data reporting and retrieval system for the AUCD Network. NIRS houses data on programs, projects, activities, and products across a variety of public health issues.

The National Center Approach

Through our practice-based research, Inclusion Wheel: Tool for Building Capacity and Public Health Leaders to Serve People With Disabilities, we have identified five key ways to support inclusion of people who have disabilities in public health efforts. Use of facilitative leadership, taking advantage of timing, systematic reflection, sufficient support and personal commitment are key supports to make inclusion happen.

These five areas contribute to successful outcomes. These areas serve as the framework approach for the National Center and the communities of practice we facilitate.

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