Prepared4ALL Affiliates and Partners

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What is a Prepared4ALL Affiliate or Partner?

Our efforts define an “affiliate” or “partner” as any group or organization operating at a local level which is overseen or part of a larger (national, state, or regional) organization. Some examples may include state or local chapters, affiliate sites, disability organization, or other local partners.

What does a Prepared4ALL Affiliate or Partner do?

Affiliates or Partners can contribute to inclusive emergency preparedness efforts in whatever way it available to them which may include, but is not limited to:

  • Increasing emergency preparedness knowledge and self-efficacy
  • Identifying and connecting with emergency preparedness efforts in your local community
  • Educating and collaborating with emergency preparedness personnel
  • Receiving on-going support from our Prepared4ALL team

Getting Started

We have created several tools and resources for broad use by affiliates and partners to begin or continue their work in emergency preparedness. Below are the links to access these tools and resources.

Outreach Guide – Ready to use resources to begin making outreach to your local emergency managers and public health professionals. The guide includes the following resource:

  • Local Outreach One-Pager
  • Brief Outreach Script
  • Outreach Telephone Guide
  • Talking Points for Engagement
  • Finding your Local Emergency Planning Agencies
  • Organizational Strengths Assessment
  • Communication Toolkit
  • Resources & Referral Links

Access the public folder here:

Introduction Video – “What is Prepared4ALL?”

Orientation Video – “Getting Started as an Affiliate or Partner”

Interested in becoming an Affiliate or Partner?

Fill out our Interest form or email us directly at




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